Executive Committee

  • Chairman
    Dr. Meherwan P. Boyce
  • President
    Zarine M. Boyce
  • General Counsel
    Paul Kellogg
  • Treasurer
    Raymie Daroga
  • Special Projects
    Bobbie Griffith-Winner
  • Secretary
    Behroze Daruwalla

Board of Directors

Dr. E. Fred Aguilar
Jean-Francois Bonnete
D. John Calloway
Juanita Elizondo
Minoo B. Gazdar
Sean Gorman
Harry Hadland
J. Thomas Haney, DDS
Mika Hasler
Monzer Hourani
Wayne Kitchens
Carmen Montiel de Lechin
Jennifer Moore
George Murray
Willem Plegt
Steve Power
Dame Darlene Rubinoff
Orlando Sanchez
Donna Vallone

Upcoming Events

Seventh Annual
Small Ensemble Summer Workshop
June 2015

2014-2015 Season Calendar



"As a private viola teacher, I have had students participate in Virtuosi of Houston. As a teacher, I have observed the impact on the music education of these students. The Virtuosi repertoire is unlike anything they play in their school programs. It has been a great learning experience for these students. As music educators, we are very fortunate to have such a strong program for young musicians in Houston. "
John Randolph, Viola Teacher

Virtuosi of Houston

Virtuosi of Houston
Virtuosi of Houston